This month we are celebrating indie singers, not try hard hipsters but simply very talented musicians.

The exceedingly glamorous Lianne La Havas features on this playlist. Her songs explore relationships and are beautifully exposing. I personally prefer her live performances, she has such a powerful and rich tone, a real stunner.

I have seen Dry The River so many times they almost feel like family. I attended their first ever gig and it’s been great to see how well they are doing. Their live performances are astounding; they will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and break your heart a little.

I saw Tom Odell a couple of months ago at Somerset House, it was a lovely venue on a summers evening, which was brilliant for displaying the phenomenal talent that is Tom Odell. His talent is even more enviable considering how young (age 22) he is and how much he has already achieved. When queuing for the gig I could hear him practicing on the open stage, his voice reminded my so much of Jeff Buckley, this blended with the boyish looks of Kurt Cobain he is a must see.

There are also plenty more musicians featured for your enjoyment, look out for Angus and Julia Stone (brother and sister) beautiful covers and original material which is perfect for relaxing to.

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Upstream Color - I’d like to begin the review for this film with a giant exhale, as I’m not entirely sure I’ll be able to review it. From start to finish I’m not sure I fully know what was really going on in all honesty. When creating an arty film with a minimal script the visual story must be strong, I felt Upstream color fell short at this hurdle. It was shot very beautifully but I felt uninterested throughout and become easily distracted by paint drying on the wall. The plot as far as I could follow was essentially the bringing together of a couple with torn pasts. There are also parasites which affect the main protagonist (Amy Seimetz) which seem to also affect her love interest, which makes them have a very entwined sickly relationship. There is a feeling of searching for the meaning of life, with human interacting with nature and maybe trying to claw our way back to a more fetal time. If you are feeling patient and philosophical then you may like this film, if you are not willing to put the effort in I’d choose another film.

Heavenly creatures follows the haunting true story of two teenage girls that plot to kill one of their mothers at the threat of being separated. Directed by the great Peter Jackson and stars Kate Winslet in her screen debut (1994), having seen a lot of Winslet over the years I found it interesting to see her as a younger actress and thought she was great even as a youngster. The film follows the forming of a great friendship between two teenage girls who due to their troubled home lives become increasingly fanciful which then spirals into a grim murder plot. I really enjoyed this film I found it gripping and also very disturbing toward the end. If you haven’t seen this classic it’s worth a watch.

Four rooms, four stories, four directors. This sounds like a recipe for disaster but it was far form it. The film is sliced into short stories which all take place in four separate hotels rooms, the thread which connects them is the hotels bell boy, who on being summoned to the rooms partakes in strange happenings. One of the stories is directed by Quentin Tarantino which has signature quick dialogue and brilliantly insane characters. A really enjoyable dark comedy.

Dexter has sadly come to an end, with such an epic (I don’t use that word lightly) series it is difficult to bring it to a neat and satisfying end. Generally I felt satisfied by the conclusions, although it has lacked the fire and suspense series one and two had. For those of you who have not seen Dexter before, the series is a book adaptation following the life of a serial killer, who also happens to be a bloody splatter analyst for Miami Metro. The unique twist to this tale is that you root for the killer, with a strict killing code bestowed on him as a child Dexter can only kill those deemed bad by society. Half monster half human he is a very intriguing character especially when hearing his sinister inner monologue contrasted with the sunny skies of Miami. Series one and two are the most perfectly executed plots I have seen, so clever and beautifully cyclical, with such great writing all characters feel fully developed and totally believable, my favourite being Dexter’s sister (played by Jennifer Carpenter) a potty mouthed cop with a heart of gold. Dexter you will be missed.

For those avid viewers out there I’d love to know what you thought of the finale.

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