Let us introduce the story of Dave & April. For their first anniversary Dave brought April one of our personalised photo framed book. When we saw how beautiful their wedding looked, we wanted to know the story behind the frame and here it is…

1. Where did you meet and how long have you known each other?

We met in September 2006 and got married after 8 years together.

2. How did you plan your wedding? Any useful tips?

We decided to get married exactly 1 year to the day that we got engaged. Restricted by school holidays, we decided to go for the 1st Monday of the Easter break. Great tip for any teachers out there – Monday meant we got the venue at a third of the price and it didn’t really affect anyone. Most of our family and friends who aren’t working in education would have had to take some time off anyway due to shift work.

3. What food (wedding cake) and drink did you have at your wedding?

Our venue was quite traditional so we had a 3 course sit down meal with wine, etc. We also had some canapés which kept everyone going between the ceremony and main meal. Bacon baps and cake for evening snacks which was much better as there wasn’t any wasted food!

4. Did you have a theme to your wedding?

Not really but our venue was an 18th Century National Trust property so classic and elegant!

5. What were your wedding outfits like (bride and groom)?

Quite traditional on the whole – not deliberately! Gents grey suits with teal cravats, groom wore a silver cravat so he could be different. Bride wore a fishtail gown with a layered skirt. Looks better than it sounds I promise! The bridesmaids dresses were a steal in the sales in House of Fraser and, after some minor alterations, looked fantastic.

6. Any funny moments?

Some interesting shapes being thrown on the dancefloor – we shall say no more to save the dignity of those involved!

Dave - I recommend having a bromance song banked for you and your bestman - show your guests how it's done.

7. What song did you have for your first dance? / What music was played?

Our entrance music for the ceremony was Ellie Goulding ‘How Long Will I Love You’ – this is the song we had on our Sarah & Bendrix Frame. Our first dance was from the Karate Kid II – Peter Cetera - Glory of Love. Classic tune. We had a DJ in the evening whose remit was 'Tunes from the 80s & 90s' - bit cheesy but it definitely got our guests on the dance floor.

8. Where have you display your Sarah & Bendrix frame?

It is proudly displayed in our hallway – we absolutely love it. It was a first anniversary present. Guests always comment on it.

9. What would be your advice for couples getting married?

In terms of planning the wedding, make sure you have a honeymoon (no matter how small) after the event. It helps the post wedding bubble last that bit longer.

Also, DO NOT scrimp on the photographer – the rings and photographs are the long standing memories you have. We went with Suzy Wimbourne and would highly recommend her and her lovely partner Alex who stayed for the whole day and evening - they made everything feel so easy.

A number of our friends and family stayed in hotels the night before the wedding so we took the opportunity to go out for a meal/drink and invited anyone that wanted to come. This was a great ice breaker for our guests as they had the chance to get to know each other beforehand which really helped add to the fun and relaxed atmosphere we had on the big day.

10. Have you been or are you going on a honeymoon?

We were greedy and had two which we saved up for harder than any other element of the wedding! Mexico for a week straight afterwards (it was Spring Break so great deals!) and Disneyland Florida in the summer – fulfilling a childhood dream.

11. How did/will you celebrate your anniversary?

We are trying to make sure we always do something significant on our anniversary – this year it will be a city break with friends in Amsterdam. It keeps the day special and helps us avoid ending up in the office!

12. The moment from your day that you will never forget?

So many to choose from – it was a completely magical day from start to finish – even the bits that didn’t go to plan.

Dave - During the ceremony I chose to stand facing up the aisle as April entered the room. Seeing her for the first time in her beautiful wedding dress walking towards me is a memory I'll never forget and wouldn't trade for anything.. plus it also meant I got to pull silly faces at the bridesmaids.

Photo Credits : Photos take and produced by Suzy Wimbourne, found here -

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