This month my playlist is Wanderlust (a strong desire to travel) themed. I felt that this list would not be complete without Eddie Vedder (lead singer of Pearl Jam…and all-round music legend), most of his tracks featured are from the soundtrack of the film ‘Into the Wild’, which Vedder wrote all the songs for. The songs have such an earthy and epic feel to them. I have also included Laura Marling, The tallest man on Earth, Kaki King and a few more treasures. I hope this playlist makes you feel that you are exploring the wild and sitting upon some beautiful mountain… instead of the office desk!

Click HERE for Wanderlust playlist.

Only god forgives is a lament to the colour rogue. From the opening scene the cinema was saturated with blood red and jet black, colours that carry the narrative along. I found the acting and dialogue was intense and very considered, however as the story progressed the plot felt like it lacked gravitas. I didn’t particular warm to any of the characters, though this wasn’t surprising since the main themes surrounding them consisted of drug dealing, incest and child abuse. The film is undoubtedly stylish much like director Nicolas Winding Refn previous film ‘Drive’, I did however feel I wanted more from such a great cast. That said Kristin Scott Thomas really nailed the roll of cold-hearted mother. The film is essentially submerging you into the dark backstreets of Thailand where men will stop at nothing to get what they want, and women are mere pawns in this game. There is one harrowing torture scene that had me recoiling in my seat. Other than that it all felt a little pointless by the end. 

Now for something a little more light- hearted, The Heat. Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy unite to make a hilarious comedy duo. I was preparing myself as I entered the cinema for a mediocre comedy where most of the good bit I’d seen in the trailer, but this film is far from mediocre. I laughed through out and just really loved every second, the script was ballsy and the comedy had a great balance of the physical and brilliant dialogue. The story follows a difficult mismatching of two law enforcers, uptight FBI agent Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) and ‘never plays by the rules’ Police officer Mullins (Melissa McCarthy), and how their differing personalities and approaches are brought together to bring down a drug empire. It was refreshing to see this dynamic with two women, it’s shocking it has taken this long to come about but I’m glad that it is kicked off with two comedy geniuses. For anyone who was skeptical like me I’d say it’s definitely a great watch, I’m now excited for The Heat 2 to come out.

Breaking Bad is in its final few episodes which makes me sad at it has been – now this is a statement- my favorite TV drama of all time (well for now at least). Unlike most shows that run out of steam after a few seasons, Breaking Bad’s plot just keeps getting stronger, the story-lines are kept entwined and tight so that the tension is primed for what I imagine will be an explosive finale. For those of you that haven’t seen Breaking Bad, the series follows a Science teacher, Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston) who after being diagnosed with cancer turns to a life of crime making and selling meth to make money for his family, slowly becoming a bad-ass drug lord. The acting is flawless, the plot is unexpected and constantly jaw dropping, I really can’t recommend it enough.

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