Mint green seems to be everywhere this summer, admittedly it is not a colour I have been particularly drawn to… until now. I love the freshness of the mint found in the (middle) painting ‘Erasing Herself’ (2010) by Roberta Coni. This vibrant colour works in great contrast with the aging skin of the lady.

At first I could not decide whether I liked ‘The Ears of Jasper Johns’ by Michelangelo Pistoletto. I found I became increasingly intrigues by the missing face in the portrait (as that is usually the part I’m most drawn to), which made me decided I liked it.

What could be better than art on clothing? I’ve always liked the idea of painting on fabric, I found a beautiful example of this by Emile Faif. At first I was excited by the idea that she had her own shop and that I would buy all of it, but (to my bank balance's relief) it is a one off for one of her art collections. It’s times like this I wish I could paint this well! 


I am a massive fan of dark and brooding photographs, I can often be found drooling over images like the ones above. I have recently discovered photographer Fanny Latour-Lambert’s work (bottom image), if like me you are unfamiliar with her work she is really worth checking out. She seems to always create interesting compositions with her models and she has a very varied style and uses negative spaces really effectively.

Image two is by Daniel Jackson, his most recent work for Acne Paper Sweden‘s tenth issue. The soft pale pinks in this image are just lovely.

The third photograph is by Errikos Andreou, a Paris based fashion portraits and videographer. The rawness of this photograph is stunning, along with the considered lighting and almost a disturbing atmosphere to it that makes you want to look at it.

What sort of art work makes you react? Would you have any of these pieces hung up at home?


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