Everyday we get the privilege to create bespoke frames, that are a keepsake for your special moments. We are beginning a new series where we excitedly ask couples to tell us about their most memorable day. We love to know the story behind the frame. The lucky couple where given one of our frames on their big day, it was personalised with their wedding date and location. This month we celebrate the marriage of Katerina & Jindrich. Here is their story

1. When did you meet and how long do you know each other? 

We met 13 years ago in one of our previous jobs. We started going out about 7 years ago. 

2) What was the wedding like? Informal, church...?

Informal, medium size with drinks and nibbles for friends and colleagues, at our favourite coffee shop and dinner in an outdoor restaurant for close family. 

3) What was your favourite moment from the wedding?

It was the whole day, because we had fantastic weather, all our family was there and the food was great. We were happy with everything... photographer, florist, coffee place, restaurant and make up artist.

 4) Was there a theme to your wedding? 

The only theme was to have a relaxed and happy wedding. Our invitation for the wedding was more like an invite for a glass of wine in a vineyard. Our initials were a theme, the logo JK was scattered everywhere! On the pavement, menu, biscuits for guests (made by Jindrich, who loves to bake) and t-shirts which we wore in the morning of the wedding day. 

5) How many people attanted? 

50 adults, 10 children

6) Did you have a first dance? Or music which was played during the wedding?

We have a favorite song by one of our friends. He was there with us and played this tune on a guitar when Katerina walked down the aisle. 

7) How long did you plan your wedding?

Only a few months, first we thought there wasn’t much to plan and then it became like a roller coaster. 

8) Have you been or are you going on a honeymoon?

A week after the wedding we spent our honeymoon at a friends farm in the coutryside. And then we are going to Cyprus in October. 

9) What food/meals did you have at the wedding? 

Drinks for friends: wine, cider, homemade lemonade

Food: quiche and desserts made by Jindrich - lavander cupcakes, brownies, carott muffins, banana muffins. All made a day before wedding at home :)

Menu dinner: 


 Tomato bruschetta with shallot and mint 

 Spanish cheeses, sausages, olives

 Main courses

 Salmon steak (sous vide) with beurre blanc sauce, warm green lentils salad

 Turkey breast (sous vide) wrapped in prosciutto, ratatouille, potato puree

 Daily grill menu, side dishes, salad


 Wedding cake

 Vanilla ice cream

 Fruit sorbet

10) Did you have any funny moment during the wedding?

 In the afternoon my friends came to our wedding and said they are bringing the best wedding present! They gave me a piece of paper with a telephone number of a taxi driver. He had my phone which I forgot in his car on a way to our wedding. I didn’t miss it at all!  

11) Any stressful moments? 

The day before the wedding the temperature was roasting 35 degrees, luckily our day was brilliant with about 25 degrees. 

12) The moment you will never forget?

 K: It was lovely when Jindrich said after dinner he is really happy and content. 


Thank you Katerina & Jindrich for sharing with us for magical wedding day. 


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