If you are looking for the perfect Newborn gift, we have everything you need. This time of year there are lots of little ones being welcomed into the world. We all love to capture the first moments of our little baby, nephew or niece - these pictures can be lovingly framed in our photobook frame and placed around the house to always make you smile and celebrate your new member to the family. It also makes for a wonderful present to new parents. There are a range of background colours that will fit in any nursery. This frame can be personalised with a poem, lyrics or lullaby. An alternative decorative frame is our framed paper hearts. This frame can be personalised with the child’s name, weight, measurements, time of birth and any other important details. For smaller gifts we have our ‘naps fix everything’ poster and ‘a day to remember’ gift box, this box can be filled with little trinkets for that special day. Our beautiful wooden toy gift box will be a gift that will grow up with the child and can be passed on to other children. Each piece is made from smooth untreated wood with cute little face. If you would like to send a congratulatory card or let your loved ones know of the birth of your little one, we have the perfect ‘it’s a bear’ card - funny and sweet. 

We love making finding the perfect gift that little bit easier.


  1. Framed Photobook
  2. Framed hearts
  3. ‘Naps Fix Everything’ Poster
  4. It’s a bear card
  5. Wooden toy gift box
  6. ‘a day to remember‘ keepsake box   

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