Here are a collection of gorgeous DIY Wedding tutorials, for achieving the dream wedding on a budget. Wedding cakes do not have to be a million layers high with countless doweling rods holding it all together, sometimes the more simple a cake is the more beautiful it is (we love our simplicity here at Sarah & Bendrix). These two guides to creating your own wedding cake make it look so simple and achievable. Having fewer layers to a cake means you can focus of getting each one perfect. It always amazes me how a few dashes of icing can create the effect of small flowers. Making your own cake also means you can make it as personalised as you like - matching the colour theme of your wedding, adding names of those that attend the wedding and your own bride and groom on top.  

Following on from our previous blog of a wreath themed wedding, this DIY for a wedding wreath looks so stunning and easy to follow. When organising a wedding, especially a DIY one, it can feel like you have a million and one things to do at once. Being really selective with the key points that will bring it all together is crucial.  Having a beautiful wreath centre piece to a dinner hall or wedding entrance, will not only make you feel proud you’ve created something so pretty, but will also look really dramatic. Rope in a few friends and family members and you could have a gorgeous wreath in no time. 

Continuing with the wreath theme, how about this elegant wedding wreath crown? By now it may be clear I love all tutorials from The House That Lars built, they just looks so effective and professionally made. The crown itself is made from spray painted leaves, using real leaves gives an organic and delicate look to the crown.

On the day of your wedding it will be such a whirlwind that you really want to capture the moment. Not only your moments but also your guests. Our little ‘a day to remember’ box contains blank cards for you and your guests to jot down a funny experience of the day, an anecdote about the couple and all those well wishes. This box can be kept forever and opened whenever you want to indulge in the memory of your special day. 

I hope you are as inspired by these tutorials as I am. If you have any of your own that have worked beautifully for you then let us know. Or even better take a picture and #sarahandbendrix so we can see. Lets get creative!

TUTORIAL LINKS - Click and Find 

1. Wedding Cake Tutorial ONE / TWO / THREE

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3. Wedding Crown 

4. a day to remember memory box 


All photos by the tutorials credited/linked above. 

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