Blue jeans and a white shirt is probably the most timeless and versatile look. We have put together three different ways of wearing this simple combination for different occasions. We have also included our own jewellery collection to illustrate how it can be worn. For those casual and lazy weekends this casual outfit is perfect for looking effortless cool. Having the contrast of ripped jeans and a crisp white top and minimalist necklace looks great. In the office you want to look smarter but still effortlessly elegant the 'Oh this? I just throw it on' look. By having an ironed shirt with slightly rolled sleeves looks professional, with the added interest of the elongated back looks modern. To give this ensemble a softer feel add a pair of our porcelain studded earrings. If you want a no fuss outfit for evenings, then the one featured is perfect. On a summers night (already planning my summer look) this blouse will be really comfortable as it loosely drapes and looks amazing with blue jeans. Add a pair of muted coloured heels and delicate earrings, you've got yourself a great look for a night out!

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Look by Krystal Schlegel

What do you team with blue jeans and a white shirt? 


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