Rustic weddings are a continuing trend this year, we've put together a moodboard to give you some inspiration of how you would achieve the rustic look. This wedding look is all about being natural: natural woods, organic shapes and luscious foliage. Keeping the colours quite muted with a washed faded effect works really well, this could be featured in table napkins or any linens used. For the bride, sweeping, wavy loose hair and simple yet elegant accessorise keeps the whole feel of the wedding soft and natural. I have recently been looking at tableware, at the moment organic shaped glasses (meaning a little irregular in shape- not quite circular) and tableware are very easy to purchase at the moment. If you are attending a rustic style wedding you can use beautiful natural looking paper to wrap your gift, one perhaps featuring leaves or delicate illustrations would work well. Using foliage throughout the wedding to decorate is the most effect aspect for pulling off a rustic wedding. Having the green plants bent into wreaths and draped down the centre of a large wooden table will make the whole theme feel cohesive and romantic. 

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1.'Be Glad For This Moment' bowl 

2.Candle Sticks 

3.Floral Bridal Crown 

4. Thin glass wear 

Do you love the rustic theme? If you are planning a rustic wedding and would love some more tips drop us a comment.


Photo Credits: (left to right)

1. Bridal Crown:

2. Table Setting :

3. Wreath:

4. Rustic Candles:

5. Bowl :

6. Wrapping:

7. Seating Area:

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