So far we have given gift ideas and DIY projects all for Mother's Day, to top that all off we have some tips for food and decorations to complete the Mother's Day guide. The House that Lars Built have come up with this gorgeous and nifty way of creating a balloon arch , I love the suspended look of the balloons, if on a smaller scale it would make for a great table decoration. Brittany Jepsen who writes the blog is incredibly talented, it's definitely worth checking out her blog. How amazing does this Pink Pocky Cake look? Lovely basic vanilla sponge with American buttercream icing (this is making me hungry) the pocky sticks add great texture and height to a basic sponge. My siblings and I always make my mum an English tea/lunch which usually invokes finger sandwiches (salmon with cream cheese drizzled with lemon, cucumber and tuna, eggs and mayonnaise), bowls of different flavour popcorn and other nibbles. Having a plater of cheese is also great for a family meal where you can grab all the bit you'd like. Creating caramel cages to place on top of the cheese looks interesting and gives a sweet and salty taste to the cheese. Placing flowers into a drink as a garnish has for some reason never occurred to me, this glass looks so stunning. If you use ice teas then the flowers will beautifully flavour the water. 

I hope you have enjoyed seeing how we will be celebrating our Mum's, I am thankful every day for mine so I will defiantly be putting all these bits together to spoil her rotten. 

As always we would love to hear from you, how are you spending Mother's Day?


Photo Credits: (left to right)

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