Next week is Valentines! Love it or hate it, it's time when it's nice to be told that someone there loves and cares about you. We don't have to buy tons of red roses and prepare breakfast in beds. Not everyone is like that and that's absolutely fine. But perhaps a touch of sentiment or though will make our day/week/the whole month happier. We like couple of these ideas around the web. DIY Kiss Me banner, easy to do and it can be above your bed all the time! Valentines sandwich packaging, oh so cute. Can someone make it for me every day? or perhaps once a week?
And then of course if you want to make them feel special why not? buy of our framed pictures? we like to be sentimental without sugary sweet! 
Photo Credits: (left to right)
1. Sarah and Bendrix -  link 
2.  Valentines sandwich packaging - Paging Supermom! - link
3. Sarah and Bendrix  - link
4. Kiss me banner - Yay Yes -  link

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