Ok after a really long break I'm back on blog and with some news. Hope you had a wonderful time over winter holiday seasons, I know it feels like ages! I have done a bit of travelling, a lot of working and bit of decorating. All in all great month. Ok back to the news. We have updated one of our products which we all really love in our studio. It's our Personalised Photo Book. 

We had a load if interest but also load of questions, so we simplified the menu and order system. You can now add a photo straightaway when you order and also change it's colour if you wish. We have created a quite few examples and hopefully given you loads of ideas how and when to use this wonderful picture. The lists is endless. Anniversary, baby birth, weddings, birthdays, christening and Valentines!

Just chose a photo, add a text and create a memento you can treasure forever. 

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