I have been a big admirer of Ilse Crawford for a long time. She was founding editor of Elle Decoration in UK in 1989  and once said "Working for magazines, she says, convinced her that very few homes serve the activity going on inside them. Most of the places she scouted on the job were "about the spectacular over the normal," she observes, "and I'm so interested in how you can upgrade the normal. You have to think of design as something that can evolve and change. That's what's interesting, knowing where to leave space for people. If people can't adapt it, then we've failed."

She started design studio Studioilse in 2001 and since then created some beautiful project around the word.  I like her unsnobbish attitude, the spaces she creates are filled with beautiful design pieces but with human factor. Most of all they look comfortable, approachable and cozy without being too homey. 

These photos are from her studio in London. Pretty cool isn't? 

I also agree with a sentence which is finishing an article in Wall Street Journal from August 11, 2014: 

"That's a big mistake in design thinking; it gets terribly obsessed with the idea that something is not modern, but modernity is not a look—it's a state of mind. For me, design's role is to create a background that supports that way of thinking. Design is one component of creating a bigger culture. And that, actually, is really modern."

I couldn't agree more. 

Read the full article here. 

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