The Fault In Our Stars is a film adaptation of one of my favourite books, I was apprehensive of how true to the book it would be, luckily there was no whitewashing here! The story tackles the impossibly tragic theme of teenagers with terminal cancer. What is so appealing about the book and subsequently the film is that this stark tragedy is opposed with humour, love and brutal honesty. It does not sugar coat death but embraces the fact that sometimes the hardest parts of life are our most defining.

The film explores the complexity of life and death, and how differently each person handles both. We follow the protagonist Hazel (a sarcastic, intelligent and funny teenager) whose bittersweet love interest Augustus (a tenacious and exciting force) interrupts her mundane routine, when they meet at a support group. From this point we are taken on an exciting journey, where they try to fulfil their life wishes.

A large box of tissues is recommended with this film. As a side note, I cannot express how brilliant the book is, it’s so beautifully written and painfully poetic, John Green (author and youtube superstar) is just epic. As an audience we are left feeling we must love in the face of death.

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1. The Fault In Our Stars - movie poster - Fox 2000, a division of 20th Century Fox

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