There is a couple who started their shop from their home back in 2010, 3 years later their opened their wonderful brick and mortar shop (featured photos) and this year they opened a second shop and filled it with simple yet beautiful items, household goodies and carefully curated products. We love their aesthetics, choices and styling. Wonderful!

We like their section of the website where they describe who Father Rabbit is: 

irons his pillowcases and tucks his sheets in with hospital corners
prefers the cold side of the pillow
suggests if you are going to do it, do it properly or not at all
prefers you finish what you started
likes his crème brulee unadulterated and his pancakes thin
is meticulous in the laundry, preferring line dried and smelling of lavender
uses a top sheet 
is disciplined and discerning"

Seriously? I shall call myself a mother rabbit....:)

All photos by Kara Rosenlund, Father Rabbit 

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