Happy Valentine's Day to all! We have put together a very special playlist for this romantic day. We hope that you enjoy it and have a wonderful day shared with your loved ones. 

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About Time is the perfect Valentine's Day film. It is full of romance and love that encompasses partners and family. Unlucky in love Tim finds he has an extraordinary gift passed down through generations to time travel. This time travel is limited to only his life timeline. He explores his past-times making small changes to improve his life, but there is one area he struggles most. His love life. Meeting the effervescent Mary (played by Rachel McAdams) changes everything. This film is executed beautifully, the characters were really likable and felt sincere, which so many romcom often miss. I was left feeling very grateful for the loved ones in my life which makes it a great Valentine’s watch. 

Her explores the future of dating and the interaction between human and machine. Theodor (played by Joaquin Phoenix) has felt the trials of love as he is going through a divorce. Depressed by this massive life shift he finds comfort in Samantha (voiced by Scarlett Johansson) an OS1 computer generated voice. What at first seems like an uncomplicated relationship soon unravels as the operating system begins to learn human emotions, which leads human Theodor to question whether a machine can ever be as fulfilling as a human. I enjoyed the concept of the film and was interested to see the pitfalls of cyber dating of the future as it felt eerily possible. I did not however feel fully engaged in the film, perhaps you never really can with science- fiction, all you are meant to do is marvel at the thing that is yet to be. It is however beautifully directed and well acted, an interesting watch. 

Upside Down is a stunning watch. The term ‘sci-fi romcom’ can be off putting to some but this real is a must see. I was really excited by the concept of the film, two worlds with opposing gravities, these gravities hold two star-crossed lovers who literally struggle against nature to be together.  The two lovers are Adam (Jim Sturgess) and Eden (Kirsten Dunst), they met and fell in love as teens but due to the two worlds being forbidden to interact with each other the couple are forced apart. Adam a creative inventory fights to get back to Eden, who lives in the richer world above him. There are mind blowing landscapes in this film and fantastic concepts. I really enjoyed it from beginning to end, it is such strange combination of ideas what hang perfectly together, I think it would make for a brilliant alternative Valentine’s Day watch.

What will you be watching this Valentine’s Day?

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